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When two applications share responsibilities and features, the result is more than the sum of its parts. Imagine a world where you couldn t print images you found on the Internet, or where you couldn t attach files to your email. The more applications that can touch and share data with one another, the more useful and compelling they become. In this chapter, you have learned how to take advantage of multiplicative utility in your own apps. You can tap a wealth of features already designed by RIM when you use their hooks to add features to your app. And, in the other direction, you can make your app far more useful to your users if you create an API that allows other developers to use you. If five other apps all use your app, you have just become even more indispensable, without even needing to write those five new apps. This level of deep integration blurs the lines between a built-in app and an installed app. When your app is displaying as an option in the Contacts menu, and showing a custom rollover icon, and getting opened from other apps, it becomes almost indistinguishable from the apps that came pre-installed on the BlackBerry. You have now mastered the critical aspects of making powerful, useful, integrated apps. The next goal is to get those apps onto as many devices as possible, operating as smoothly as you can. Part 3 will show you how to make sure your apps can be used by as many people as possible.

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sudo u username mount_afp "afp://;AUTH=Client%20Krb%20v2@seldon.krypted.com/outerrim" /Volumes/outerrim

Understanding How the Client Manages the Cookie When the client receives the cookie, the cookie will be saved automatically if the client is a browser or the XMLHttpRequest object of the browser In fact, the JavaScript on the client side has absolutely nothing to do with the assigned cookie, because everything occurs transparently For example, if a browser loads a page and a cookie is assigned for the entire domain, the cookie will be sent when the XMLHttpRequest object calls a page within the domain Storing sensitive information, such as passwords or any kind of personal information, within the cookie is not recommended A cookie is a reference to information, not a repository for information When users have been authenticated by using other means, a cookie should be used only as a token to identify the user.

you should share it with as many people as you can. Whether you send it to a few friends for fun, or sell it to hordes of eager consumers, people will appreciate your effort and achievement.

In this case, you don t need to specify the user name in the afp:// URL, because the sudo command will execute as user name. You can also perform an automount with guest access, as in this example:

In addition to mount_afp, you can use the mnthome command to mount an AFP home folder from a command-line session. However, this requires the configuration of a home directory automount, as described in 7.

Don t be selfish. Now that you can write an interesting and powerful BlackBerry app,

Identifying a User with a Cookie When the server generates a cookie, it means nothing, because a cookie is just a token The cookie needs to be cross-referenced with a specific user To crossreference the token, you must apply an authentication mechanism You could use one of two.

To manually connect to an SMB volume from Mac OS X, select the Go menu from the Finder, and choose Connect to Server. In the dialog box that appears, enter smb://

However, there can be a world of difference between writing an app that runs well on your personal phone and one that runs smoothly on everyone s phone. You don t want to deal with frustrated customers, confused managers, or sniping competitors. You especially don t want to take ten times as long making your app run on ten devices as you did on the first one. This final section of the book tackles the tricky problem of scaling up. Anticipate security problems before they arise, port your app to a variety of languages and devices, and make building multiple versions easier than before. These techniques won t just improve your work; they will also let you be more generous with the results.

followed by the address of your server, then click the Connect button and submit your user name and password in the resulting prompt dialog. Just as when you follow this process using AFP, you ll get a list of share points you can access. You can also mount SMB shares with the mount_smbfs command, using pretty much the same syntax as you would with mount_afp. Follow the command itself with the options (if any----the example below shows none) and the path. You won t need to prepend the protocol name to the URL, though. So, for example, to mount the same volume as shown in the AFP section, you d type this:

NOTE: There is also an SMB client, appropriately named smb_client that s similar to the ftp client, if you wish to use SMB interactively from the command line.

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